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Krizia. 22. Proud Filipina. Canada. ♥

I am a book. You can't judge me by my covers. If you give me a chance, I can let you flip through my pages and let you know that there is more of me that meets the eyes. I am story. Told and untold. My life has many chapters. Follow through it and together we'll go on this crazy adventure called life. Let's find out what is beyond life's horizon together. You now hold the key to the diary of me. Keep it safe. :) I trust you.

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27 April 13

To Codename: SAGO

I can’t believe that a year ago, we were strangers. Strangers who first started talking on this very day. YOUR DAY.

Now, look where we are now. Look how far we’ve come! :) I know this is so badeng.. But let me be and let me express my happiness of having you in my life. :D

To the one who has always been with me through it all since the first time I cried so hard in a long time, I want to greet you a…


You were there for me from the very start. :) You always turn my frowns upside down. You care for me like no other. You try to always cheer me up with your funny stories & pictures, sweet video messages, imba songs and a company I will never ever change for anything else. :)

Despite the distance you never made me feel alone when I had no one to turn to. And I will always be thankful for that. Sure, we had a tough time together, where one had to leave the other, but I’m glad we were able to fix and patch things up. :D

This is not about us though. Nor is it about me. It’s about YOU! And how amazing you are. :)

You’re a great friend. Anyone who has you in his/her life is super duper lucky. I want you to stay that way. Though I know things might change eventually, I want you to remember that I appreciate you for who you are and that I even learned to love you as a best friend. :D

You’re talent is spectacular. For that, I wish that all your dreams and aspirations will come true! :) The future is unpredictable and it gives you the chills, sure. But know that whatever and wherever the road of life takes you, I’ll be one those cheering for your name. :D

Good luck in life and stay humble! :) I wish you happiness and more candles to blow!

I’ll see you soonest! I can’t wait for my unlimited street food! :P

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