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Krizia. 21. Proud Filipina. Canada. ♥

I am a book. You can't judge me by my covers. If you give me a chance, I can let you flip through my pages and let you know that there is more of me that meets the eyes. I am story. Told and untold. My life has many chapters. Follow through it and together we'll go on this crazy adventure called life. Let's find out what is beyond life's horizon together. You now hold the key to the diary of me. Keep it safe. :) I trust you.

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27 August 14

August 27 2014 (4:41am)

I want everyone to remember me as someone strong.

But just like all the other heroes, strength isn’t enough to make you live forever.

Death and all the other Villains like Pain and Depression will attack you slowly and secretly.

A secret battle that consumes you.

To all who tried to fight the battle with me, thank you. ;)

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7 July 14

July 6 2014 :) Driving around the high way. Chasing planes.

Or maybe we were just driving Fr Labor back to where he stays after he blessed our humble home. 😁

Happy Happy 3rd year in Canada to me and my family. Life has been different since I left my hometown. Very different. But I’d like to believe its the good kind of different. 😊

2 July 14

There are so many things I am thankful for.

You’re one of my favourites. :)

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Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day!

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25 May 14
I love changing my DP and header on Twitter. It’s nice to show a little character once in a while. :)

I love changing my DP and header on Twitter. It’s nice to show a little character once in a while. :)

19 May 14


i love him.

16 May 14

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15 May 14
14 May 14

My Science Geek

He loves to talk about the universe, the black hole, the stars, the planets, gravity, nebulas, meteorites and their origins.

I can tell that he loves the outer space!

He loves to talk about biology, anatomy, animals, the weirdest creatures and bugs that ever existed.. And a lot more fascinating facts.

And every time he talks about these things that are mostly new to me.. I find myself attracted to him even more. There’s more to him that meets the eyes. All these stock knowledge and his interests starts to impress me. Unlikely but true. For someone who enjoys talking and debating about sensitive social issues like gender inequality, politics, religion and humanities, I’m surprised to find myself amorously into him. Very unlikely of me indeed.

I think I’m falling even more in love with this geek. This is something new.

10 May 14

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